Car Tyres

Almost every car owner desires top-notch performance and optimum durability from their vehicles. In order to ensure these function from their car, customers spend lots of money on maintenance and modification of their vehicle. Although regular servicing and maintenance are quite vital to enhance the durability and performance of your car, you should never ignore your tyres and the facilities provided by them. Whether you own a small hatchback or a premium crossover, you cannot achieve results until you with them with a premium set of tyres.

We, at Elite Wheels & Tyres, serve customers all over the UK. We are known for providing top-notch tyres. Whether you want to buy a summer tyre with enhanced stability, a winter tyre with optimum traction or a powerful set of all-season tyres, we cover it all for you. In case, you are not much used to buying tyres for your car, allow us to make you aware of the different tyre categories and how do they help your vehicle.

What are the different tyre categories?

Summer tyres: These tyres belong to the seasonal category of the tyre manufacturing industry. As the name suggests, these tyres are ideal for driving on dry roads and high temperature. All of their functions are accountable to their hard-rubber compound that helps dissipate any heat buildup and provide optimal steering response even at high speeds.

Winter tyres: These tyres are born by the technological advancements in the tyre industry. If your regular tyres trouble you while driving on snowy and icy roads, you should consider buying an effective set of winter tyres. A majority of its perks are accountable to its soft rubber compound and large gaps in between the sipes. While the rubber compound works to enhance the traction on snowy roads, sipes with gaps are ideal for evacuating water and prevent the effect of hydroplaning.

All season tyres: This seasonal tyre is made with an all-weather compound that works to blend well with both dry roads and snowy roads. Moreover, they come with a unique tread pattern to cut through the snow and drive smoothly on winter roads. Also, if you like to drive at high speeds, all-season tyres will help you achieve the desired stability.

If you are looking to buy a car tyre from any of the above-mentioned categories, allow us, at Elite Wheels & Tyres, to showcase our catalogue of branded tyres before you.

Some wonderful and branded tyres sold by us

P Zero Rosso

An ideal tyre for driving smoothly over dry roads, P Zero Rosso is a powerful and affordable tyre for your cars and SUVs. Moreover, it comes with a robust groove pattern to increase your car’s cornering and stability even at high speeds.

Excited to know even further? Have a look below and acquaint yourself with the perks that make P Zero Rosso an ideal summer tyre.

Advantages of buying P Zero Rosso

  • Continous longitudinal grooves to evacuate water and fight against hydroplaning
  • Directional tread design to enhance the safety and mobility on wet roads
  • Increased handling and agility, all thanks to its external shoulder area.

Bridgestone Blizzak WS80

Blizzak WS80 is a wonderful winter car tyre UK for achieving extreme comfort and luxury on both snowy and wet road surfaces. Moreover, if your regular tyres lack in terms of gripping and braking, you will find Blizzak WS80 to be a suitable option for you.

In case, you are looking for some more precise features of this summer tyre, look down below and acquaint yourself with them.

Some brilliant perks that come along Blizzak WS80

  • Outstanding grip and traction on both snowy and icy roads, all thanks to its multi-cell compound
  • Enhanced safety and mobility because of its micro-texture pattern
  • Optimised contact patch for improving your car’s performance on both dry and wet roads.

If you are looking to buy this amazing tyres, follow the steps mentioned below, and we will deliver them straight to you.

Steps to get your desired tyre delivered at home

  • Input your car’s registration no. Or desired tyre details in our tyre finder
  • Add your favourite tyre to the basket
  • Type in your details like name, contact no and address
  • Finish the payment process, and the rest is on us.
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