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Stand out from the crowd when you buy genuine alloy wheels from Elite Wheels and Tyres in Reading and Berkshire. We stock a comprehensive range of designs from all leading suppliers and manufacturers. To find your perfect design, visit our showroom or take a look at our online catalogue today.

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If you are unsure if your alloys need a repair or replacing, come and see us for honest, expert advice. We offer a variety of alloy repair services, including alloy chip repairs and a straightening machine on the premises that we can use to correct minor damages. In this process, high temperatures are used on the damaged area to mould back to the correct shape, as the heat gives the metal more flexibility and less risk of cracking. Normally, we will not attempt repairs on badly buckled wheels, but do let us take a look and inspect your alloys for free to see if it can be done safely.

Courtesy Wheels, Keeping You On The Road

Need your car while we repair your alloy wheels? If it’s not convenient for you to be without your car, we will try to find courtesy wheels to fit the make and model of your car. You will be free to use your car for the duration of the alloy repairs, meaning minimal disruption to your day.


If your alloy wheels are too damaged to make repairs cost-effective, we can supply you with a brand new set. Elite Wheels and Tyres stock a huge range of the latest designs from all leading suppliers and manufacturers, so you are sure to find a suitable replacement. Our experienced team can even search for the closest design to your current alloys, or advise you on a new, bespoke design to compliment your car.
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To get your alloys checked for free, call our team of alloy repair specialists on 0118 950 4100.