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Every car owner dreams of owning a powerful and beautiful car that compliments their standards. However, owning an SUV or a sports car is not always enough. If you want luxurious performances from your vehicle, you must fit it with an excellent tyre from a leading brand in the industry. The tyre industry comprises of a diverse range of brands. Ranging from Pirelli to Dunlop and Michelin to Bridgestone, all of these manufacturers keep on evolving at rapid speeds, in order to ensure your comfort, safety and luxury at the same time. If you too are someone who wants such performances form their vehicles, you must buy a premium set of tyres from Bridgestone.

We, at Elite Wheels & Tyres are associated with Bridgestone Tyres Reading to provide our customers with super-efficient tyres in the summer, winter and all-season category.

If you are wondering, why is Bridgestone an ideal choice for your car, allow us to make you aware of its journey and some amazing models that are present in our catalogue.

The wonderful journey of Bridgestone Tyres Uk in the automobile industry

Japanese tyre manufacturer- Bridgestone has been in the automobile industry, since 1931. The company was established and founded under Shojiro Ishibashi. In the present time, Bridgestone tyre is known for providing top-notch tyres for passenger cars, SUV, crossovers and commercial vehicles. With years of rich experience, Bridgestone is now the largest tyre manufacturer in the world. Moreover, it was Bridgestone who started selling nylon tyres in 1959.

In the present time, Bridgestone has become an ideal choice of all the premium customers who seek durable, innovative and fuel-efficient performance for their car. Other than satisfying its day to day customers, Bridgestone has also won the hearts of various carmakers. Different car makers like BMW, Ferrari, Landrover, AUDI and Ducati use Bridgestone as original equipment on their cars.

However, if your car does not come fitted with original Bridgestone Tyres UK or you want to upgrade your current Bridgestone Tyres Reading to new ones, look down below as we mentioned some amazing tyres by Bridgestone that are sold at our garage.

Some of the best tyres by Bridgestone that are sold at our auto-garage

Driveguard winter

The Driveguard series by Bridgestone is known among the people for its amazing self-supporting mechanism. As the name suggests, Driveguard winter work to protect your tyre from any damage on the road. Moreover, being a run-flat tyre, it can support the weight of you and your car in instances of puncture up to 50 miles. Moreover, if you desire optimum support and traction for snowy roads in winters, buying this Bridgestone tyre will be a beneficial choice for you.

Other than providing run-flat support and enhanced traction, Driveguard winter is also known for the below-mentioned factors.

Factors that make Driveguard winter a beneficial choice for customers

  • Enhanced mileage as it puts less stress on the engine
  • Tough and reinforced sidewalls to support the weight of your car
  • Incredible gripping and braking capability, all thanks to its square groove pattern

Potenza S001

An ultra-performance summer tyre by Bridgestone, Potenza is a wonderful tyre for your vehicle if you desire increased stability and agility from your car. Moreover, it also comes with a wide groove design to evacuate water and fight against the effect of hydroplaning.

Moreover, if you seek more from this tyre, all you need to do is look below as we mention some exciting features of this summer tyre.

Amazing features of Potenza S001

  • Dynamic stability and remarkable steering response, all thanks to its off-centre straight rib tread
  • Longitudinal stiffness to facilitate shorter braking distances
  • Outstanding gripping and handling because of its high grip shoulder blocks

If you found these tyres to be amazing, you’ll love our auto-garage even more. This is because we provide the facility of delivering these tyres straight to your home. Just visit our page and follow some basic steps to avail of this amazing service.

Steps to get your favourite tyre delivered at home

  • Enter your desired tyre specs or your car’s registration no in our tyre finder tool
  • Select your favourite tyre and add it to the basket
  • Input your personal data like contact no, address and name
  • Finish the payment process and leave the rest to us.



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