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Every car owner on this planet desires to buy a set of tyres from a leading manufacturer. However, not everyone has the financial power to buy tyres from manufacturers like Bridgestone and Michelin. This is because tyres from such companies cost lots of pounds. In case, you want the same features of branded tyres and above-average performance from your car at a limited price, you need to put your emphasis on budget tyres. Budget tyres UK are an ideal set of tyres that lie will in your budget.

We, at Elite Wheels & Tyres, are known to provide the best quality of budget tyres Reading in feasible prices that last long. However, before jumping onto the models of budget tyres, you should familiarise yourself with their working and concept.

What are budget tyres UK and how do they benefit you?

Budget tyres are a variant of the price category of tyres. These tyres are provided by certain manufacturers, especially for delivering above-average performance and benefits to its customers. While a premium set of tyres from a leading manufacturer costs about £70-£250, you can easily bag a budget tyre in just £35-£50. 

Budget tyres sold at our garage, Elite Wheels & Tyres, are carefully inspected and tested, in order to provide you with efficient and durable performance. Although there are a lot of disputes regarding the safety concerned with using budget tyres, we sell only certified budget tyres UK that are entirely safe for use on passenger cars and SUVs.

In case, you want to know about some of the best budget tyres Reading at our garage, allow us to acquaint you with them. However, bear in mind that the tyres mentioned below are subject to availability.

Some of the best budget tyres Reading sold by us

Debica Passio

A wonderful budget tyre for ensuring decent gripping on wet roads, Debica Passio is wonderful that comes at your desired price. Other than being cost-effective, Passio is also ideal for providing above-average performance on highways and plain roads. In case, you own more than one vehicle that is not driven much, you can count on Debica Passio to increase its annual mileage.

Nevertheless, the features of Debica Passio does not end here. Below mentioned are some wonderful factors that make Debica Passio a fantastic tyre in the budget segment.

Wonderful features of Debica Passio

  • Optimum handling on wet and slippery roads because of its specialised tread block
  • Enhanced comfort as compared to other budget tyres
  • Decent cornering performance, all thanks to Debica’s unique groove pattern

AutoGreen Sports Chaser SC2

Sports Chaser SC2 is an excellent budget tyre that provides premium features at the price of a budget tyre. The tyre is known for gripping adequately both on dry and wet road surfaces. Moreover, if your regular tyres trouble you with external noises, you can count on AutoGreen Sports Chaser to reduce the external tyre noises and maintain a pleasant driving experience.

Furthermore, this budget tyre is a package of different advantages that you should know about.

Diverse advantages of buying AutoGreen Sports Chaser SC2

  • Short braking distances and optimised gripping, all thanks to its modern-day groove pattern
  • Optimum response and stability as compared to other tyres in the budget segment
  • Ideal performance against hydroplaning

If you are looking to buy these budget tyres from us, at Elite Wheels & Tyres, just follow the steps mentioned below and get your budget tyres Reading delivered to your home.

Steps to get your budget tyre delivered at home

  • Input your favourite tyre’s details or your vehicle’s license no in our tyre finder
  • Add your ideal tyre to the basket
  • Enter your delivery information like name, phone no and contact address
  • Complete the payment and leave the rest to us.



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