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Tyres are far most the most important element of your car. Whether you want an improved gripping experience or short braking distances from your car, nothing can help you better than a premium set of tyres from Continental. Although the tyre market is full of different manufacturers that promise top-notch tyres and features, buying an effective set of tyres from Continental will be beneficial for you. This is because Continental provides optimum tyre support in the budget of a common man.

We, at Elite Wheels & Tyres, are known for providing our customers with superior quality tyres from Continental. The tyres old at our garage are fully tested and are guaranteed to enhance your comfort while driving. 

Other than ensuring comfort for its customers, Continental has years of rich experience in satisfying its customers with best-in-class services and durability. In case, you are wondering, why is Continental a special brand, look down below to know more about its journey. 

Continental’s fantastic journey in the automotive sector

Continental Tyres Reading is a german tyre manufacturer that provides effective and durable tyres for summers, winters and all-seasons. Whether you own a small hatchback, premium SUV, a crossover or a sport vehicle, Continental covers it all for you. The company was founded about 149 years ago in Hanover, Germany. Since then, it has never failed to satisfy its customers with the quality and features of its tyres. Ranging from the best run-flat support to top-notch traction on icy roads, Continental has made a name for itself in the past years.

Currently, Continental Tyres UK is an ideal choice of different car manufacturers like BMW, AUDI, Mercedes and about 40 more manufacturers.

However, making a decision based on a brand’s legacy is not easy. If you want to but an amazing set of Continental Tyres for your car, you must focus on the models mentioned below that you can bag from our garage.

Different Continental Tyres Reading that you buy from our garage

WinterContact TS 860

WinterContact TS 80 is an ultra-performance winter tyre offered by Continental. If your regular tyres fail to deliver optimum support in winters, you can count on WinterContact TS 860 to enhance not only your car’s performance but also your safety.

If you feel that you deserve more from this tyre, you are right. WinterContact TS 860 also brings along the below-mentioned advantages.

Superior advantages of buying WinterContact TS 860

  • Adequate support even in chilling winter temperatures
  • M+S certification to help you drive optimally on both muddy and snowy terrains
  • Low-rolling resistance to count for decreased fuel consumption

SportContact 6

An ultra-performance summer tyre by Continental, SportContact 6 is known for its durable and efficient performances on dry and rough roads. A great example of its performance is its black chilli technology that helps you to grip better on the roads with added confidence.

Moreover, this summer tyre by Continental is also ideal for providing the below-mentioned perks.

Perks of buying SportContact 6

  • Maximised stability at speeds up to 215mph, all thanks to its adaptive hybrid cap ply
  • Optimum control and handling on both wet and dry roads because of force vector technology
  • Micro-flexibility compound to ensure short braking distances for your car

If these continental tyres Reading convinced you to buy them, you can easily bag them from us, at Elite Wheels & Tyres. Just follow some simple steps and get your desired tyre delivered at your doorstep.

Steps to get your desired tyre delivered to your home

  • Input your vehicle’s license no. Or favorite tyre details in our tyre finder software
  • Add your ideal tyre to the basket
  • Enter your contact address, phone no and personal info in the next window
  • Finish the payment process and get your tyre delivered at home.



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