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Our era is advancing at a rapid speed, and so is the automobile industry. With so many options to choose from, now customers can buy their favorite sports car in just a single showroom visit. Other than the accessibility of purchasing a new car, buying an efficient set of tyres has also become quite easy now. Whether it is a summer tyre, winter tyre, all-season tyre or even an all-terrain tyre, you can easily get them delivered to your home. As you know, the tyre industry is full of thousands of different brands that provide diverse qualities of tyres. Ranging from Bridgestone to Michelin, now we have countless amounts of options.

We, at Elite Tyres & Wheels, are known to maintain and provide a fantastic collection of Michelin Tyres UK for our customers at affordable prices.

However, it is not necessary that you know everything about Michelin Tyres and the advantages of buying them. Therefore, allow us to acquaint you with the amazing journey of Michelin Tyres Reading in the automotive industry.

Michelin’s journey in the automotive sector

Michelin Tyres Reading is a 131-year-old tyre manufacturer, founded in France by Edouard Michelin and Andre Michelin. Both of its founding members lead the company to great heights and achievements. Other than performing tyres for passenger cars and SUVs, Michelin also provides superior quality tyres with maximised gripping capabilities for Formula 1 race cars and Moto GP bike tyres as well. Furthermore, it was Michelin who introduced the concept of run-flat tyres in 1934.

In 2020, Michelin has reached even further. A great example of Michelin’s success is its association with several carmakers like Porche, BMW, Ferrari and Audi. All of these carmakers prefer using tyres from Michelin as an original equipment on their cars.

Moreover, if you are looking for a more precise explanation of Michelin’s success, allow us to present our catalogue of Michelin Tyres UK before you.

Amazing tyres by Michelin offered at our garage

Michelin Pilot Super Sport

This ultra-performance sports tyre by Michelin is made for endurance racing and stability at high speeds. Being a summer tyre, Pilot super sport is also ideal for preventing any heat buildup in the tyres. Moreover, it also provides for improves cornering abilities as compared to its competitors.

Just in case, if you are wondering whether Pilot supersport has something extra, allow us to solve your query.

Some wonderful aspects of buying Michelin Pilot Super Sport

  • Michelin’s special tread technology to provide for a three-metre short braking distance
  • TWARON belt technology to enhance the stability while cornering at high speeds
  • Dual-rubber compound to increase safety and precision while driving.

Michelin Alpin 6

Michelin Alpin 6 is a tyre for driving in extreme winter conditions. Whether your daily route involves heavy heaps of snow or icy surfaces, Alpin 6 is always there to support your car by its bite edge technology.

Other than superior performance on snowy and icy roads, Michelin Alpin 6 is also known for the below-mentioned perks.

Perks of buying Michelin Alpin 6 for your car

  • 3PMSF certification to facilitate ideal and comfortable driving on hills with snowy roads
  • Enhanced safety and precision for your vehicle, all thanks to Michelin’s evengrip technology
  • Increased comfort and luxury, all because of Michelin’s multi-tread compound

If you are looking for an effective garage that can deliver your favourite tyre at home, give us, at Elite Tyres & Wheels, a chance. Below mentioned are the steps that you need to follow for getting your tyre delivered at home.

Steps for getting your favourite tyre delivered at your home by us

  • Type in your desired tyre specification or car’s license no in our tyre finder tool
  • Select your favorite tyre and add it to the tyre basket
  • Input your personal data such as name, address and contact no
  • Finish the payment procedure and get your tyre the next day.



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