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The tyre industry is full of different and exciting brands that offer superior quality products in diverse price ranges. Therefore, being a car owner, it becomes quite difficult to select an ideal tyre brand for your vehicle. While Bridgestone tyres offer optimum support for sports cars, Pirelli Tyres work to enhance your safety and luxury on the road. However, such brands come at a very high cost, and not everyone can imagine to afford them. If you too are someone who wants a reliable set of tyres in your budget, Nexen Tyres Reading can be a beneficial option for you.

We, at Elite Wheels & Tyres, are a known provider of summer, winter and all-season tyres by Nexen. In case, you are unable to determine why Nexen is a suitable choice for your vehicle, allow us to make you aware of the journey and advantages of buying Nexen Tyres.

The fantastic journey of Nexen Tyres UK in the automobile industry

Nexen Tyres was established in Seoul, South Korea (1942). The manufacturer is known for providing excellent tyres with increased gripping and traction for winters and superior handling in summers. Other than providing an ideal support for different climates, Nexen also supplies all-terrain tyres for all the car enthusiasts who like the adrenaline rush of driving on hilly and rocky surfaces. Furthermore, it was Nexen who was awarded a patent in 2005 for manufacturing silicate nano compound tyres.

In the present time, Nexen has become an ideal choice of different car manufacturers like Porche, Volkswagen, Skoda and SEAT.

If the journey is not interesting enough, their tyres will definitely convince you. Below mentioned are some of the best Nexen Tyres UK offered at our garage.

Some of the best models of Nexen Tyres Reading sold at our garage

Roadian MTX

Roadian MTX is a wonderful off-road and mud-terrain tyre for SUV and high-performance vehicles. This Nexen tyre is not just any regular tyre but a beast on the road. The significance of the word, ‘beast’ comes from its dual sidewall design that provides for out-of-the-world traction and gripping on muddy and loose gravel terrains.

If you are intrigued to know why Nexen Tyres claim this off-road tyre to be a beast, you should read about some of its advantages that have been mentioned below.

Advantages of buying Roadian MTX

  • Rim-protectors for sizes above 20 inches to prevent any rock abrasion or kerb damage
  • Stone ejector groove design to remove any gravel or debris that gets stuck in the tyre
  • Reduced tyre noises to ensure a pleasant and peaceful driving experience, all thanks to its variable pitch tread block.


Snow G3 by Nexen is an excellent tyre for driving with confidence and precision on roads with heavy snow any ice. Other than performing appropriately on snowy surfaces, snow G3 is also known to enhance your car’s gripping and braking capabilities on wet and slippery roads.

Moreover, the journey does not end here. WINGUARD Snow G3 also brings along various perks that make it ideal for your car in extreme winter temperatures.

Perks of buying WINGUARD Snow G3 for your vehicle

  • Extended shoulder blocks to enhance your safety and luxury on the road
  • 3D sipe technology to enhance gripping and braking even on snow-laden roads
  • Improved traction and stability on snowy roads, all thanks to its adjusted semi-groove pattern on shoulder and center.

If you are interested in buying these amazing Nexen Tyres Reading from us, at Elite Wheels & Tyres, follow the steps mentioned below, and we will deliver your favourite tyre ta your doorstep.

Steps to get your favourite tyre delivered at home from us

  • Input your desired tyre details or your car’s registered no on our tyre finder tool
  • Choose your favourite tyre and add it to the cart
  • Input some simple details like name, address and contact no
  • Finish the payment procedure, and the rest is on us.



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