Need New Life In Your Alloys!
 Customise is always an Option! 

Are your alloy wheels, once your pride and joy looking old, dull and tarnished? Don’t let them drag your car down. We can refurbish them for you, returning them to your car in mint condition. We’ll restore your pride in your car, helping you to stand out from the crowd. We can give them your own unique style by customising to match your car.
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Refurbishment Prices Per Alloy Wheel

14” = £70          15” = £70
16” = £75          17” = £80
18” = £85          19” = £90
20” = £102                         

Prices include VAT and may vary depending on the paint finishes.
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Need To Keep Driving?

While we refurbish your wheels, you may be able to stay on the road thanks to our courtesy wheels. We have a variety available for loan, accommodating most makes and models of car.
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After image of refurbished Mercedes alloy wheel

Opportunity’s Knocking

If you’ve had your alloy wheels long enough for them to need refurbishment, maybe it’s about time for a change. Why not choose a brand new set from our comprehensive range?

Hear From Our Satisfied Customers

“Really good service, they made me a coffee and explained the work clearly. They made it so understanding and they made you feel valued. All round excellent service and I would recommend highly.”
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