Winter Tyres

Tyres are remarkably the best invention of mankind. In today’s time, one can imagine driving with insufficient fuel in their vehicle but driving with inappropriate tyres is no less than a nightmare. If you believe that you are a responsible car owner and want to increase your car’s life, you must fit it with adequate seasonal tyres. As you must know, seasonal tyres come in three varieties- summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres. Living in the winter month of the year, i.e., January, you need to know about the benefits of using winter tyres for your car.

We, at Elite Wheels & Tyres, are known to provide the top-notch winter tyres to customers all over the UK. Whether you drive a small hatchback or a premium sports car, we cover them all with our extensive collection of branded tyres. However, before you dive into the ocean of our different tyre models and their benefits, you should become aware of the winter tyre concept.

What are winter tyres and how do they help your car?

The concept of winter tyres is a bit different from your regular tyres. While your regular summer tyres come with a hard-rubber compound to support adequate gripping on dry roads, winter tyres UK are embedded with a soft rubber compound that increases the traction on snowy and icy roads. Moreover, they also promise a comfortable ride because of the huge gaps between their sipes. This sipe pattern also allows for quick water evacuation and fight against the effect of hydroplaning.

If you are looking for a reliable set of winter tyres for your car, SUV or crossover, you are the right place. Just look below to know more about different winter tyres that are sold at our garage.

Different winter tyres sold at our auto-garage

Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3

A powerful and affordable tyre for providing you increased luxury on snowy roads, winter sottozero is the new addition to the Pirelli family. This tyre has been specially designed to enhance your safety and handling ability on the roads laden with snow and ice. Moreover, it features the latest sipe and groove patterns to enhance your driving experience and give you a smooth ride.

In case, you want to know more about the perks of buying this amazing winter tyre, look down below to know more about it.

Amazing perks of buying Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3

  • Wide groove design to reduce the braking distance and enhance the mobility
  • Enhanced gripping and traction because of high sipe density
  • Double arrow tread design to improve your handling on wet and slippery roads

Bridgestone Blizzak LM-80

Blizzak LM-80 has been designed to tackle the extreme and chilling winter conditions. While regular tyres fail to deliver the required traction and gripping on icy roads, Blizzak LM-80 always compliments your car and never fails to satisfy you. Moreover, if you own an SUV or a 4x4 vehicle, you can always count on this Bridgestone tyre to enhance your driving experience.

Moreover, the advantages of buying Blizzak LM-80 does not end, look down and below to know more about this fantastic winter tyre.

Fantastic advantages of buying Bridgestone Blizzak LM-80

  • Enhanced stability and agility, all thanks to its advanced winter compound
  • Directional tread pattern and central rib design to increase your steering response
  • High volume grooves to help evacuate water and prevent hydroplaning

If you want to shop from us, just follow the steps mentioned below and we’ll deliver your desired tyre at your home.

Steps to get your favourite tyre delivered at home

  • Enter your desired tyre details or your vehicle’s license no in our tyre finder
  • Process your favourite tyre to the basket
  • Enter your delivery information like name, address and phone no
  • Complete the payment and get your tyre delivered from us.
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