Elite Volkswagen Transporter Change Up!!

"Transforming Our Volkswagen Transporter: A Journey from 20" to 18" Wheels and All-Terrain Tires"


If you're an avid Volkswagen Transporter owner, you'll understand the significance of wheels and tires when it comes to enhancing both the performance and aesthetics of your beloved van. At Elite Wheels, we recently embarked on a journey to upgrade our Volkswagen Transporter by swapping out our 20" wheels and tyres for a set of 18" wheels shod with All-Terrain tires. The results have been nothing short of astonishing, both in terms of ride quality and the van's overall appearance.

Why the Change?

Before we delve into the transformation itself, it's essential to understand why we decided to make this switch in the first place. While 20" wheels undeniably add a sporty and stylish look to any vehicle, they can compromise ride comfort, especially when you're driving a van designed for practicality and functionality. Our Transporter was originally equipped with 20" wheels, and while they looked impressive, we felt that the ride quality could be improved.

The All-Terrain Advantage:

Our quest for a smoother ride led us to choose All-Terrain tyres for our Volkswagen Transporter. These tyres are known for their versatility and ability to handle a variety of road conditions. Whether you're navigating city streets, venturing off-road, or even encountering rough weather, All-Terrain tyres provide excellent traction and a comfortable ride. Plus, they give your van a rugged, adventure-ready appearance that we find irresistible!

The Transformation:

Switching from 20" to 18" wheels and All-Terrain tires was a significant transformation for our Volkswagen Transporter. Here's a glimpse of the steps involved and the impact they had:

  • Wheel Selection: We carefully selected a set of 18" wheels that complemented our van's style and matched the desired tyre size. We opted for the 18" Fuel Covert Matt Black Alloy Wheel. 

  • Tyre Selection: In regards to tyres we decided on the Falken Wildpeak AT3WA. Im a big fan of the Falken Wildpeak and wanted to give them a try! In my opionin the Falken Wildpeak provide excellent valve for money. The tread blocks are designed in way which they will provide an excellent driving experience along with respectable wet grip.
  • Improved Ride Comfort: The most noticeable change was the improvement in ride comfort. The 18" wheels, with their taller sidewalls, provided a smoother and more forgiving ride. Bumps and road imperfections that used to jolt us were now absorbed more gracefully.

  • Enhanced Traction: The All-Terrain tires gave our Transporter improved traction in various driving conditions. Whether we were on wet roads, gravel paths, or even tackling some light off-roading, the tires provided confidence-inspiring grip.

  • Maintained Aesthetics: Despite downsizing from 20" to 18" wheels, our Transporter still looked fantastic. The All-Terrain tires added a rugged flair that perfectly complemented the van's utilitarian design.


In our quest to improve the ride comfort of our Volkswagen Transporter while maintaining its striking appearance, the decision to switch from 20" to 18" wheels and the Falken Wildpeak AT3WA All-Terrain tyres has been a resounding success. The transformation not only made our van more comfortable to drive but also expanded its capabilities to handle a wider range of road conditions. If you're considering a similar upgrade for your Transporter, we highly recommend it. It's a change that will have you enjoying the ride and turning heads wherever you go.

The package we have fitted to our van is:

18" Fuel Covert Matt Black & 235/55/18 Falken Wilpeak AT3WA

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