Fitting Guide

Fitting Guide

1. Once you unbox the packaging/pallet you will be greeted with your new wheel and tyre package!

2. Once you have taken the wheels off the pallet or opened all the boxes you may find a little white box containing the fitting kit, if you do not have a little white box don't panic, you will instead have a pack of nut covers which means you wheel and tyre package requires the original wheel bolts/nuts.

3. Depending on what you have ordered the fitting kit may include, new wheel bolts/nuts, new locking bolts/nuts and spigot rings.

4. You will be familiar with the new bolts/nuts as these are standard on all cars and vans, the spigot ring is a ring which goes in to the back of the wheel prior to mounting the wheel to a car/van. We will only supply the rings if required as not all wheels require them.

5. Once you have removed the old wheels, we recommend wire brushing the hub to remove and debris to ensure a nice smooth mating surface.

6. In store we would also "run" the bolts through, especially on the front. This simply means running an old bolt all the way through the hub to ensure there is no build up of brake dust or carbon and ensures the wheel bites up to the hub once the bolt are tight. If you vehicle is fitting with locating pins we would advise to also remove these.

7. When you have fitting the new wheels and tyres we would advise to torque the wheels up to the vehicle manufactures setting, please feel free to reach out if you need any advise on the torque settings. We would also advise to re check the torque settings after 50 miles.

8. If you tyres arrive with what looks like "blue lettering" don't panic! Hot soapy water and stiff brush will revel the white letters! 

9. In regards to after care for your new wheels we would advise only to use PH neutral cleaning products, we would strongly advise not using the pop up car washes as these guys use harsh chemicals which will damage the finish of the wheels.

10. Enjoy your new wheels! If you require any help please feel free to reach out, any tags on social media would be appreciated, we would love to see pictures of your new wheels!